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Client: Manpower Division

Project: Design & Creatives + Turnkey Services

Market: Singapore


To create an interactive digital experience that promotes and engages the target audience and convey specific learning outcome through fun and entertainment.




1. Conceptualise, design, develop and implement a web-based software.

2. Log-in and game management — Administrative Panel

3. Game menu featuring 6 avatars with leader board and name for personalised experience

4. Ways to implement whenever there is roving event island-wide.



1. Provide the client with a detailed storyboard with 6 zones for client’s approval

2. Design 6 zones with visually appealing background and elements to support the storyline

3. Create over 300 animations to implement all 6 avatars

4. Establish design requirements to achieve the following creative solutions:

• Brand/gaming requirements & character developments

• Problem solving solution to interpret the content given

• Implementation of console unit to house the touch screen TV & user testing



The display unit will be launched island wide in 2020 to promote and create awareness for Workplace Safety and Health with their main Tagline of Look. Think. Do. The physical structure is designed in such a way that is transportable and suitable for roving event. This interactive digital experience touch screen console where the player is a general worker, supervisor or a management staff, is asked to create an avatar before the start of the game. The avatar has 6 zones to choose from and they can compete scores with the leader board at the end of the game. It has achieved the goal of being fun, entertaining and informative.


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