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Client: Cigarette and Tobacco Manufacturing Company

Project: National Tobacco Dispenser Upgrade Programme

Market: Singapore


The introduction of RDB legislation compelled the Tobacco Association (formed by 3 leading tobacco brands)

to conduct a nationwide cigarette dispenser replacement programme. This programme involves design, supply and

installation of customised RDB compliant dispenser unit / solution for the 3500 sales channel across Singapore.

The replacement programme has to be completed within 12 months from the announcement of law on 1st Aug 2017.



1. Multiple stake holders with sometimes conflicting needs

2. Large number different configuration/type in market

3. Definite date line to complete before law is implemented

4. Over 3200 sites/outlets/retail points in Singapore market to cover

5. Types of Outlet: Mum/Pap Store, Convenient Store, Petrol Kiosk, Super Market, Hyper Mart.

6. Fulfil legal requirements and achieve cost optimisation (compared to bench marked cost from past)



• Intelligence gathering

Conduct site survey and information compilation for analysis and optimisation purposes.

• Analysis

Implement optimisation study to achieve minimum numbers of configurations for the purpose of shortening overall replacement programme cycle.

• Smart Designing & Engineering

Establishing design requirements to achieve

1) legal requirements

2) Operational requirements

3) Brand/marketing/merchandising requirements develop the design concept, build the prototype and conduct reliability testing.

• Centralised Production

Initial the implementation planning from production, quality assurance & logistical.

• Project Management system & Installation

Work with stake holders and map out the most optimised scheduling that fulfils both operational and legal needs. Create control process to manage key outcomes (operating processes, Timeless, quality, installation, maintenance/rectifications, handing over, operator training etc.)



Successful production and installation of over 3200 customised mechanising dispenser/solutions over 12 month period. Not only that all units/solutions implemented are compliant to the Display Ban legislation the solutions delivered had addressed the needs of the different end customers. An operating process was also put in place to sustain new outlet opening/closing and maintenance needs. All challenges were successfully checked as successfully overcome. As a result of the approach taken for the project, the customers had saved over 21% of cost as compared to previous projects.


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