StarMedia | Online to Offline (O2O) Experience Design
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Client: A leading Kitchen Appliance/Food Processing Equipment Gp

Project: Virtual + On-Site Experience

Market: Singapore


To enhance brand recognition and seize sales opportunities in the midst of pandemic-induced challenges, through a virtual exhibition that can further be translated into physical exhibits/roadshows.



1. Ensuring that the online experience captivates the browsing audience and maintains their interest.

2. Choosing products for showcase due to audience viewing time span per page (Online Experience)

3. Moving seamlessly from the online environment to on-site activation, ensuring that both campaigns are relatable and cohesive.



Starting the project with a robust strategy, StarMedia commenced with an in-depth market analysis to gain insights into the target audience’s preferences and comprehend the competitive landscape.


Harnessing the power of social media and other digital marketing channels enhances the brand visibility and directs traffic to the virtual store.  Engaging content, such as visually appealing images and interactive posts, can stimulate interest therefore was also added. 


Additionally, the implementation of data analytics tools facilitate real-time monitoring of customer behavior, enabling strategic adjustments based on actionable insights hence StarMedia creating a version 2.0 of the online virtual experience to remain dynamic and responsive to market shifts. 


In the offline environment, creating an immersive and inviting in-store experience with tastings, ambiance enhancements, and promotional events. Ensuring consistency in branding and messaging across both online and offline channels to reinforce the product identity.



By strategically bridging the gap between online engagement and offline interaction, the campaign achieved a harmonious and successful fusion. 


The online phase, characterized by captivating digital content and targeted promotions, generates heightened awareness and anticipation. As consumers transition offline, enticed by exclusive online offers or QR code incentives, they are welcomed into an immersive and sensory-rich environment at physical locations. 


The success of the campaign is evident in increased foot traffic, enthusiastic customer participation in tastings, activities, and product sales. The harmonization of online branding with the in-store experience contributes to, transforming virtual engagement into real-world customer connections and solidifying the coffee product’s place in the market.



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