StarMedia | POSM & Visual Merchandising
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Client: An international pharmaceutical company

Project: Visual Merchandising Display/POSM for 2 different brands

Market: Singapore


POSM/Visual Merchandising display design conceptualization and implementation that complements the recently introduced premium gondola at Singapore’s premier Health and Beauty retail store.



1. Ensuring the display effectively guides customers to the required medications.

2. Present a wide range of products while ensuring focus, organization and clarity in the display.

3. Integrate the current key visuals, ensuring alignment with both the brand identity and the newly designed premium gondola at the health and beauty retail store.



StarMedia started the project by gaining a comprehensive understanding of each of the product categories, paying attention to their unique selling points (USPs) to craft the customer journey. Emphasizing the distinct features and advantages of each product guarantees a compelling advantage, ultimately enhancing the overall experience of the customers. 

To optimize the customer experience, StarMedia incorporates dedicated USP displays alongside strategically placed shelf strips. This thoughtful arrangement serves the purpose of guiding customers seamlessly through the entire product range. By providing distinct displays highlighting the unique selling points (USPs) of each item, customers can easily and comprehensively explore the offerings, making their shopping experience more informative.



By strategically employing the unique selling points (USPs) of each product, this approach not only streamlines navigation but also elevates the overall presentation of products within the retail space. Additionally, it ensures that the display is tailored to suit the newly constructed gondola in the shop, addressing the specific design and aesthetic considerations.



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